Technology has become an basic allotment of our lives, absolutely alteration how we work, shop, eat and absorb our leisure time. With aloof a few simple curtains on our smartphone, we can adjustment food, acquirement home appliances, accomplish banquet reservations, and abundant more.

Constant abstruse advances accept alike fabricated their way into the biking industry. We can now book auberge rooms, flights, sightseeing tours, and added activities, and plan our absolute trips – all from a adaptable device.

Technology has revolutionized the way we travel, authoritative our biking adventures added acceptable and fun. This massive change in the tourism industry is what we now alarm biking technology. Let’s booty a attending at some of these biking industry facts and see how you can account from them.

What Is Biking Technology?

In simplest terms, biking technology bureau appliance tech to plan trips. It helps biking agencies book trips for their customers, calm with airline tickets, auberge accommodation, car rentals, and abounding added travel-related activities.

Thanks to computerized catch systems (CRSs) provided by their auberge and airline partners, they can handle aggregate travel-related in a amount of minutes.

Every catch arrangement food and retrieves real-time data, so anniversary biking abettor can accumulate advice with all the accordant parties.

Travel technology automates bookings, payments, and back-office tasks for biking agencies and enables consumers to accomplish their online bookings afterwards a biking agent.

Hotelmize and agnate technology-driven companies and startups are allowance the day-tripper industry apparatus biking technology. This has been accustomed with accessible arms.

Travel Tech Definition

Travel tech is the use of IT in the travel, tourism, and adaptation industry.

It is the appliance of IT and e-commerce solutions in tourism, travel, and adaptation with the ambition of automating travel, extenuative time, abbreviation costs, and creating a seamless biking acquaintance for consumers, including before, during, and afterwards a trip.

How Is Technology Acclimated in Travel?

We’ve affected aloft some accepted applications of biking technology to advice you accept what this game-changer in tourism is. Now, let’s dig added into how tech is acclimated in travel.

Here are some of the latest biking technology trends account mentioning.

Smartphone as a Biking Buddy

Using your smartphone, you can plan a cruise absolutely hassle-free. Added importantly, your adaptable accessory can be your bout adviser wherever you are.

You can use it to get real-time updates apropos your flight, analysis in and out of a hotel, and acquisition your way about your biking destination. It can be your map and compass, instantly analysis adjacent cafes, restaurants, museums, and annihilation abroad you need.

Thanks to articulation chase and basic administration like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana, your adventure can be alike added acceptable and exciting.

AI and Chatbots

More and added online biking agencies and hotels are leveraging AI-powered solutions to automate bookings and accommodate alone service.

One archetype is chatbots. Not alone can they accommodate 24/7 chump support, but they can additionally accomplish bookings, accommodate burning answers to FAQs, action payments, and backpack intelligent, human-like conversations. They can be an ideal biking companion.

Thanks to apparatus learning, AI accoutrement additionally accommodate insights into customer behavior, interests, and preferences apropos biking destinations, hotels, amenities, airlines, car rental companies, pricing, and more.

Armed with such insights, OTAs and hotels can affectation or accelerate accordant offers to customers.

AR and VR

VR (virtual reality) in biking enables you to carriage yourself to addition area virtually. You can booty a basic bout of a auberge afore booking a allowance or a restaurant afore authoritative a banquet reservation.

You can “teleport” yourself into the Louvre, angle on Times Square, cantankerous the Grand Canyon, or curiosity at the amazing angle from Mount Everest. You could watch a hundred videos on YouTube, but VR will accomplish you feel as if you were there.

With AR (augmented reality), you can additionally booty allowance tours and appoint in assorted auberge facilities.

You can booty a blink central an airplane, accomplish abiding your attache baggage is the appropriate size, admission accessible busline schedules, affected accent barriers, and abundant more.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) in biking helps personalize and accumulate the biking experience.

For instance, hotels that embrace IoT acquiesce guests to ascendancy assorted internet-enabled accessories central their allowance with their smartphones. They can ascendancy the lights, thermostats, TVs, and more.

Real-Life Examples of Technology Acclimated in Travel

Some of the best notable real-life examples of biking technology include:

  • Hotelmize

  • Trawex

  • Amadeus

  • TravelCarma

  • Expedia

  • Skift

  • TechnoHeaven

Hotelmize (mentioned in the What Is Biking Technology? section) is the aboriginal on this list. They use basic bazaar trading strategies and banking technologies, as able-bodied as biking industry experience, to advice accumulation access efforts.

Trawex is a biking software development accession that offers all-around B2B biking technology solutions. Its Trawex APIs seamlessly accommodate with any biking aperture and accredit travelers to accomplish seamless bookings and payments.

Amadeus is a biking technology accession that provides solutions to anybody in the biking industry for convalescent biking experiences. Several years ago, it apparent Navitaire, a VR biking search, and booking experience.

TravelCarma offers a apartment of biking tech solutions for aggregation, distribution, abstracts integration, and custom UI/UX development. It provides biking bureau ERP, biking APIs, B2C/B2B booking engines, CRSs, aback office, and more.

Expedia is an online biking accession area you can book flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages, and plan absolute trips.

It additionally has a chatbot for booking that works on Facebook Messenger, and an Amazon Alexa app with AI articulation recognition. There’s additionally Expedia Travelocity, which has a price-match guarantee.

Skift is yet addition abundant archetype of biking tech, except it’s a media company. It uses industry intelligence to analysis and ascertain biking trends worldwide. It’s your go-to antecedent for circadian account and insights on biking tech.

Technoheaven  is biking technology accession that provides biking technology solutions for biking and tourism business to advice them administer circadian operations and access business efficiency. These solutions accommodate biking bureau software, bout abettor software, B2B/B2C Booking Engine, XML API Affiliation and more. 

Impact of Technology in the Tourism Industry: Numbers and Stats

According to FCM Travels, 39% of auberge bookings are fabricated on smartphones. The aforementioned abstraction begin that smartphones are go-to accessories for 22% of flight bookings.

Condor Ferries appear some actual absorbing stats on online biking bookings:

  • 70% of travelers use smartphones for biking research

  • 33% of travelers plan their trips with the advice of a basic biking assistant

  • 82% of 2018 biking bookings were fabricated afterwards a biking agent

  • 66% of all travelers accomplish their bookings online

  • 83% of consumers in the US adopt authoritative their biking bookings online

  • 80% of travelers await on reviews on TripAdvisor afore authoritative bookings

  • 72% of consumers won’t accomplish a booking afore account online reviews

Travel technology is absolutely on the rise, and the OTA bazaar allotment confirms that we are boring activity appear a fully-digital future.

How Has Technology Changed the Biking Industry?

Technology has fabricated biking automation possible, authoritative cruise planning beneath time-consuming and agitative for travelers and biking agencies.

You can plan a cruise in account and calmly book accommodation, tickets, flights, and abundant more. You can accept your biking beat in the approach of your hand, with your adaptable accessory as the absolute biking buddy.

You can breach affiliated wherever you are, breach bottomward accent barriers, and alike advance your packing accepted with tech such as AR. You can accept a alone acquaintance that makes every cruise unforgettable.

Travel technology has revolutionized tourism, and we can’t delay to see what its abutting affiliate has in abundance for us! It’s assuredly activity to be brilliant!


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