Winter travel restrictions in Italy 2022-23: What tourists should know

At Intentional Travelers, we accept biking can be transformational. That’s why we appetite to advice you biking confidently, safely, and responsibly. With ever-changing biking restrictions and apropos surrounding COVID-19, our ambition is to advice you accomplish abreast decisions about where, when, and how to biking in this new apple of ours.

Italy has a appropriate abode in our hearts, and we assuredly alternate in Fall 2022. This column about Italy biking in 2022 is periodically adapted with official Italy biking restrictions, requirements and guidance.

As restrictions alter based on the traveler’s citizenship, we will focus primarily on rules affecting U.S. citizens.

At the end of the post, we allotment on-the-ground perspectives from bounded association and travelers to Italy so you’ll get a accurate faculty of what to expect.

Can US citizens biking to Italy? Can I biking to Italy appropriate now?

Italy is accessible to US citizens who are traveling for any reason, including tourism, beneath the afterward protocols.

As of June 1st 2022, all travelers, including US citizens are no best appropriate to appearance a vaccination, recovery, or analysis affidavit aloft accession to Italy. All travelers can admission Italy afterwards quarantine.

As of May 1, a self-declaration anatomy (dPLF) is no best required. (Link sponsored by Natvisa.)

The aforementioned admission rules administer to Americans transiting through, or abandonment from, countries added than the United States. See accommodation here.

Many Italy biking restrictions accept been aerial as of May 1 for activities central the country. See bounded restrictions actuality and bounded area classifications here.

Quarantine rules in Italy: What happens if I get Covid?

American travelers are not appropriate to apprehension aloft accession in Italy.

Quarantine is appropriate for those who get Covid for 5-14 days, depending on the specifics of the case. Visitors charge abide central for the continuance of the apprehension period, alienated acquaintance with anyone else.

Travelers may sometimes be able to abide in their auberge but some will accept to apprehension at a government-sponsored facility. It is not affirmed that groups traveling calm will be able to apprehension in the aforementioned location.

Travelers may be appropriate to awning costs of apprehension accommodations.

The apprehension can end afterwards actuality symptom-free for three canicule and demography an official PCR analysis with abrogating result.

Italy Blooming Canyon Requirements to Admission Restaurants, Attractions and Ample Events 

You ability be wondering: Do I charge a vaccine affidavit or Covid analysis to admission restaurants and attractions in Italy?

As of May 1, Italy’s blooming canyon (basic or cool blooming pass) is no best appropriate to admission restaurants, businesses, accessible transport, or participate in assertive activities.

However, the Cool Blooming Canyon is still briefly appropriate for anyone age 12 and earlier to admission hospitals or affliction homes.

Can Americans biking to Italy in December 2022? Can US citizens biking to Italy this Winter?

Travel to Italy in December is open. Read on for accommodation and analysis aback for updates.

What is it like to fly to Italy FCO or CIA Rome International Airport right now?

In Rome, anatomy temperature checks through thermo scanners may be taken at the admission of the airports. The airports acquit their spaces daily. 

Check with your airline about accepted affectation requirements on board.

Do Americans accept to apprehension aback traveling to Italy?

 No. Apprehension is not appropriate for American travelers.

Quarantine is binding for those who analysis absolute for Covid in Italy. See accommodation above.

Does Italy analysis COVID-19 affection of admission travelers? Anatomy temperature may be scanned in the airports for entering and outbound travelers. 

Does Italy crave a abrogating Covid 19 analysis for American travelers? A abrogating Covid analysis is no best appropriate to admission Italy.

Does Italy crave a affidavit of Coronavirus vaccine for American travelers? Affidavit of Coronavirus vaccine is no best appropriate to admission Italy.

Do I still charge to accommodate a abrogating Covid analysis or apprehension if I accept been vaccinated? Neither affidavit of vaccination, abrogating test, nor apprehension are appropriate to biking to Italy.

Is a booster attempt appropriate for biking to Italy? A booster attempt is no best appropriate to admission Italy.

However, a booster attempt is bare for the US anesthetic agenda to be advised a accurate Blooming Canyon to admission healthcare settings while in Italy. See Blooming Canyon Requirements above.

What Covid testing options are accessible for travelers in Italy? PCR and antigen tests are accessible for U.S. citizens and visitors in Italy. Antigen tests amount about 20-30 euros while PCR tests amount about $70.

Individuals in Italy can get a Covid analysis from the following:

  • Government-approved testing labs

  • Testing accessories with English-speaking doctors in Italy

  • On-site testing accessories at all-embracing airports in Italy, such as Milan, Rome Fiumicino, Cagliari, Florence, Malpensa, Bari, Venice,  Pisa, and others.

  • Private testing labs and pharmacies in Italy

What healthcare options are accessible to travelers in Italy who get the virus? Tourists and visitors may admission Italian bloom affliction and emergency casework by advantageous out of abridged or with abreast purchased travelers’ insurance. Tourists can additionally acquaintance the Italian Covid hotline at 1500 (free assessment number).

For biking allowance that covers Covid, analysis out Nomad Allowance by Safety Wing >

What account businesses and restaurants are accessible in Italy? Businesses and restaurants in Italy can accomplish depending on their area classification. Currently, all regions in Italy are in “white”.

In white zones (lowest case numbers), bars, restaurants and all added establishments are open. Both calm and alfresco dining are allowed.

Are face masks appropriate in Italy? As of October 2022, cutting of masks in Italy is no best binding except in healthcare settings.

Are buses and trains active in Italy? Accessible busline is accessible throughout Italy at accustomed capacity. Masks are no best appropriate on buses, trains, etc.

Will Italy appoint new Covid restrictions? What’s abutting is difficult to predict. Historically, best countries appoint COVID-19 restrictions aback strains on the bloom affliction arrangement ability become unsustainable.

How has the Coronavirus impacted Italy?

Italy was the aboriginal country in Europe afflicted by COVID-19 and was hit adamantine by the outbreak, acute austere lock downs. Another ample fasten in cases occurred at the end of October 2020. A civic accompaniment of emergency connected through 2022.

Italy’s economy, which includes a ample tourism sector, has faced its centermost recession in history. More than 200,000 tourism-related jobs were discontinued in Italy by the end of 2021– accounting for a massive curtailment of workers in the country. 

In May 2021, Italy formally opened its borders to all-embracing travelers from baddest countries to animate tourism. In June, Italy eased its restrictions for all-embracing travelers, again anchored somewhat due to the Delta alternative and Omicron variant.

Italy’s accompaniment of emergency concluded on March 31, 2022. 

Italy obtains its vaccines via an EU accretion program. On December 27, 2020, Italy vaccinated the aboriginal association adjoin COVID-19. Currently, three abode of Italians are absolutely vaccinated.

For the accepted bearings in Italy, including: absolute COVID-19 absolute cases; circadian cardinal of cases in Italy; and COVID-19 accretion ante in Italy, amuse see the statistics here.


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