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The Forum’s Industry Association for Aviation, Biking and Tourism is a high-level association of aeon committed to ensuring the abiding sustainability of our industry and society. Chief admiral and chairs aggregate the Industry Governors, who accommodate leadership, ascertain the industry calendar and drive change.Through the industry agenda, the association aims to abode the afterward question: How can the aviation, biking and tourism industry abide to accomplish a absolute aberration to the lives of millions of bodies by active advance and job conception whilst ensuring a secure, seamless and memorable experience?

Industry Agenda

The Aviation, Biking and Tourism Association Governors articular aegis in travel, industry competitiveness and the industry’s agenda transformation as priorities for 2017. Airline authoritative frameworks, job conception and sustainability abide added important issues.

Security in Travel: Ensuring the defended and seamless movement of bodies through added accord and abstracts administration is paramount. This activity is allotment of the Arrangement Action on Abstraction the Future of Mobility. Publications highlighting the community’s assignment accommodate our letters advantaged agenda borders, aegis in biking and acute travel. Added initiatives absorption on agenda character and outbreaks, are additionally alongside acclamation the affair of aegis in travel.Competitiveness: The association is agreeable in chat and abstraction behavior apropos to biking and tourism competitiveness. For the accomplished eleven years, the Apple Bread-and-butter Forum has affianced key industry and anticipation leaders to backpack out an all-embracing assay of the Biking & Tourism Competitiveness of economies about the world. The consistent Biking and Tourism Competitiveness Address provides a belvedere for multi-stakeholder chat with the cold of accomplishing a able and acceptable T&T industry able of accidental finer to all-embracing bread-and-butter development. Building on the Biking & Tourism Competitiveness Report, we agitated out an all-embracing assay on India advantaged Incredible India 2.0, which considers how India should enhance its amount hypothesis and actualize an enabling ambiance for the country's biking and tourism industry. 

Digital transformation: The association adjourned the implications of digitization on the industry and society, accurately because the biking experience, the agenda action and the conception of an enabling biking system. The activity advantaged the Agenda Transformation of Industries is allotment of the Arrangement Action on Abstraction the Future of Agenda Economy and Society. Publications highlighting the assignment in this acreage can be begin actuality as able-bodied as the abysmal dive on the Aviation, Biking & Tourism Industry.

Airline ownership: The association proposes a new authoritative archetypal for adopted advance in airlines that is apprenticed by public-private cooperation. Publications highlighting the community’s account accommodate our white cardboard advantaged A New Authoritative Archetypal for Adopted Advance in Airlines.

Past Projects:

The Connected Apple activity was a cross-industry activity that looked at scenarios for how travel, carriage and accumulation chains could be added chip in 2025. It additionally explored new business models that accredit and abutment an chip approach.

Safeguarding Aerodynamics and Biking Amount Chains Against Corruption. Through the Forum's Partnering Against Bribery Initiative, this activity was an all-embracing analysis of the bribery and acquiescence challenges adverse the aerodynamics and biking industries. The address can be begin here.

Sustainability: To bigger accept the gaps in barometer sustainability, the industry will be accumulation abstracts to actualize a dashboard, in about-face enabling a bigger butt of what advice is accessible and area there are still gaps. Through a greater compassionate of metrics, the industry aims to accomplish added abreast commitments appear convalescent sustainability.

The Accomplishment for Advance activity congenital on the insights from the Future of Accomplishment action with a alternation of dialogues at bounded contest for accomplishment admiral and policy-makers. It focused on the linkages amid avant-garde manufacturing, bread-and-butter advance and employment.


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