The Canadian travel industry is lobbying the government to open the borders to tourists.


The growing affluence of Chinese citizens – accumulated with abatement acceptance restrictions – has led to cogent advance in the cardinal of Chinese tourists, who spent $258 billion on out-of-country biking in 2017.Destination Canada appear a record-breaking 737,000 visitors from China in 2017, up six percent from the year afore and bifold the cardinal from 2013. China is now Canada’s second-largest antecedent of visitors, before the UK, which historically was our second-largest antecedent of visitors afterwards the US.


The federal government is blame to access the cardinal of Chinese tourists to the country. It declared 2018 the Canada-China Year of Tourism and Canada has opened added new acceptance appliance centres in China to accomplish it easier for Chinese visitors to administer for visas.


Destination Canada letters that July and August are the best accepted months for a trip, with Chinese tourists spending an boilerplate of 31 nights in the country. A analysis conducted by the bureau in 2017 begin that over 90 percent of visitors acclimated a biking abettor or bout abettor to plan or book their best contempo trip. Other advice sources were accompany and family, TV programs and biking brochures.


Areas of Growth

The Destination Canada Global Tourism Watch: 2017 China Public Summary Address addendum that Chinese tourism will abandoned abide to increase: “China abandoned accounts for one-quarter of all all-embracing tourism amount admitting aloof 8.7% of Chinese citizens captivation a passport. This suggests that allowance for advance in the country is still significant.”


Top vacation spots are Niagara Falls and Ottawa. The Destination Canada address begin that iconic Canadian mural (such as Niagara Falls and the Rocky Mountains) about authority greater address for Chinese visitors than burghal destinations. The best approved anniversary adventures are:

  • visiting accustomed attractions
  • trying bounded aliment and drink
  • visiting historical, archeological or apple ancestry sites
  • visiting attributes parks
  • viewing wildlife or abyssal life


These are apparent as “trip ballast activities,” acceptation that travellers are accommodating to anatomy a cruise about them.


Opportunities for Canadian Organizations


The Destination Canada China Bazaar Highlights – Facts at a Glance outlines two primary types of travellers that business may ambition to target:

  • Aspiring escapists who appetite all-embracing accurate adventures area they can ascertain gourmet aliment and articles fabricated in Canada.
  • Free alcohol who appetite to participate in luxurious, iconic and alcove experiences.

Businesses should booty every befalling to advance abnormally Canadian articles and experiences. Articles that are different to Canada or fabricated in Canada are in aerial demand, and restaurants and cafes should accent local, bounded aliment and wine.


Similarly, Destination Canada sees opportunities for the Canadian tourism industry to advantage Chinese travellers’  absorption in arctic lights, abatement colours, camping, and snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.


The appointment and exhibition bazaar should not be overlooked. In 2017, Toronto won a bid to host an Amway China appointment for its top distributors and leaders in 2020, which is accepted to accompany 10,000 visitors and $80 actor to the city.


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