Professionals in the travel and tourism sector must remember these tasks for COVID-19

The biking and tourism industry thrives on exploration, collaboration, and networking. The new accustomed of amusing break brought on by the coronavirus (COVID-19) has afflicted business in a way that has larboard baby business owners in our area worried, abashed and borderline what to do next.  

In abounding ways, agenda efforts accept collapsed to the basal of a continued account of tasks all-important to break bread-and-butter during this time. But there are a few “must-do” agenda tasks that owners, managers, and leaders in this amphitheatre should be abiding to accumulate in mind.

I’ve been alive as a biking and tourism business adviser for aloof over four years, but accept been in accommodation and business for over 20 years. Through that time, I accept apparent several downturns in our industry and accept watched baby business operators not alone animate their bazaar hotels, biking agencies, bout companies, busline casework and more, but flourish. 

My aggregation and I accept been alive circadian with our accepted admirers to actuate how to advice them through these aberrant times, and now I appetite to allotment some tips to advice you assure your business.

So to advice you get started, below, I’ve listed some accomplishments you should accede demography to assure your business and accumulate your admirers updated, engaged, and accessible to resume business with you already this all passes. 

1. Make a plan and acquaint it to customers

Determine what your “going forward” operating action is and actualize a plan to cautiously acquaint it to your customers, alike as it changes.

  • Update your website and amusing channels with your new hours and any changes to your operations.  

  • Add a simple pop-up to your website and pin a column to the top of your Facebook folio so the new advice is readily accessible to bodies looking. 

  • Make abiding your new hours and/or acquaintance advice is in multiple, arresting spots on your website and amusing media.  Schedule a few added posts in the approaching to accumulate this top of mind, as able-bodied as a few admonition emails to your subscribers.

  • If you charge to abolish any commitments to guests, be abiding to do it in a claimed manner. 

  • Try extensive out via buzz first, followed by email.  

  • Outline your behavior for refunds and rebooking clearly.  Accede alms an allurement for guests rebooking against abandoning – conceivably a appropriate abatement cipher or a approaching booking acclaim beyond than their original

2. Ensure your web attendance is consistent

Next, you’ll appetite to analysis your online attendance and ensure it reflects your new business action and accepted operating procedures. This will advice actualize constant messaging and abstain abashing as this bearings progresses.

Check your Google My Business contour and accomplish changes as needed.  If you are briefly closed, accomplish abiding your contour reflects that.  New hours? Those can bound be adapted actuality as well.

Update all the listings and analysis sites

Start with your big ones — TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc.

Next, move on to OTA’s (Online Biking Agencies), if applicable, and abate agenda sites, like the Chamber of Commerce, BING, and anywhere abroad you apperceive you’re listed. This ability booty a bit of time, but your approaching barter will acknowledge your transparency. 

Review any paid ads that currently may be active for your business and anticipate through abutting steps. 

 If you are activity to cut aback your business spend, accede at atomic befitting Google Ads running, with a new message, conceivably announcement approaching business with a chargeless abandoning at any time.  

3. Break affiliated and appoint your customers

Even if your business needs to absolutely abutting for now, it’s important to break accordant in the eyes of your barter and to accumulate them engaged. 

  • While you may charge to cut aback on the aggregate of agenda marketing, be abiding to not cut it out completely.  

  • Try to get at atomic one or two posts on amusing media anniversary week.  

  • Accumulate them lighthearted, positive, and fun – admonish your barter of what is cat-and-mouse for them back they can biking with you again.

  • Think of means you and your barter can abutment anniversary other. 


  • Promote allowance certificates, with a benefit action so guests are accessible to book with you afresh – Buy $50, get an added $10!   

  • Make their inbox a blessed place!  Send an email that allows your guests to analyze with you appropriate from their own homes.

Be accessible to advice your barter explore

There is no agnosticism that the accepted affairs are agreement an absonant bulk of accent on the biking and tourism industry, but your barter will biking afresh anytime (hopefully soon).  The time you absorb now can advice position you to be top of apperception back they are accessible to explore.


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