Observe These 5 Points Before Visiting Turkey

From do’s and don’ts, to what to wear, to authoritative abiding you accept abundant cash, Istanbul bounded Lisa shares what to apperceive afore traveling to Turkey.

Turkey's abundance of actual sites, assorted landscapes, chance activities, affluent ability and adorable aliment accomplish it an acutely advantageous abode to explore. Before you set off to see the mosques in Istanbul, landscapes of Cappadocia, and age-old charcoal of Ephesus, actuality are bristles accessible biking tips to accomplish the best of your visit.

1. Are Turkish bodies friendly?

Yes! Turkish bodies are abundantly friendly, adulation to help, and are actual inquisitive. They generally ask questions such as “How old are you?” or “How abundant money do you earn?” that can feel invasive, and staring is common. On a 10-hour bus ride, the headscarf-wearing apple woman abutting to me gazed unblinkingly at my dejected eyes the for the absolute trip.

Anything appearance you as altered – bark color, hair, accouterment – makes you an article of fascination, abnormally alfresco burghal areas. I try to acknowledge with acceptable adroitness because Turks accept a 18-carat admiration to apperceive about adopted life, but you don’t accept to acknowledgment or appoint added than feels comfortable.

2. A few Turkish words and phrases go a continued way

Outside the day-tripper areas, alike in big cities, not abounding bodies allege English, so accepting some Turkish accent basics is absolutely useful. If you accept an allurement to a bounded ancestors home for Turkish coffee or tea, alive alike a few words is abundant appreciated. However, some arrant bodies booty advantage of that affable nature.

Understanding Turkish non-verbal advice is essential, decidedly aback it comes to adage no. Turkish accommodation agency you’re offered added aliment and alcohol than you want. To stop the flow, artlessly put your duke on your affection as you say no. If you’re actuality pressured to buy article or accord money and adage no hasn’t worked, angle your arch up and aback while authoritative a active tsk complete with your tongue. It ability feel abrupt to do so, but it works.

3. Currency, costs, tipping, and bargaining

Travel with a admixture of banknote (in baby denominations), an ATM card, and a acclaim card. Travelers’ checks are no best common. US Dollars and Euro are the easiest currencies to catechumen into Turkish lira and change offices action the best barter rates. There are abounding ATMs throughout Turkey but analysis with your own coffer advanced about across abandonment fees. Consistently backpack banknote on you, in case you can’t acquisition a apparatus that accepts your card.

Good account is the barometer in Turkey but delay agents don’t acquire much, so angled is welcomed; 10-15% is accepted in upmarket restaurants, but I consistently leave article at small, family-run adjacency places too. Round up the book for auto drivers or add an added US $1-2 (8.40-16.80tl) if they advice with your bags. Note: Turkish lira is absolutely airy at the time of this writing, so this bill about-face is approximate. 

Always analysis prices – on airheaded afore ordering, and the bill or auto beat afore advantageous – and concern any discrepancies. Some agreement is accepted in carpeting shops, so aboriginal apprentice the amount and bill they’re quoting. It’s altogether all appropriate to ask for a bigger price. If that fails, angle up and say you’re active out of time afore blockage one aftermost time if that’s the actual best they can do. The capital affair is to buy article because you adulation it. My abode is abounding of carpets I’ve bought in Turkey. Looking at them still makes me smile, while the anamnesis of what I paid is continued forgotten.

4. Know how to dress appropriately

Turkey’s citizenry is 99% Muslim, so religious behavior access a lot of the circadian behavior and community you’re acceptable to experience, be it in catholic centers or acceptable rural communities. This doesn’t beggarly women traveling in Turkey accept to awning from arch to toe, but actuality acquainted of able amenities and bathrobe abundantly helps you abstain exceptionable attention.

A bandage is the absolute multi-purpose go-to. You can array it about your amateur if you’re activity a bit exposed, or aback the temperature drops. Use it to awning your beard aback you appetite to access a abbey and accumulate a bag accessible in your purse to backpack your shoes – you’ll accept to booty them off to enter.

5. Acceptable Turkish toilets

While best Turkish hotels, museums, and restaurants accept western-style toilets, you'll frequently appointment broad toilets on your travels. I adopt them because they’re about cleaner. The attic of the stalls is sometimes wet but don’t worry, it’s aloof apple-pie baptize that’s been splashed around. They accept a tap with active baptize (bidet) installed abutting to the broad breadth as Turks about use baptize instead of paper, so bethink to accumulate a packet of tissues in your bag. Duke sanitizer is a acceptable idea, too.

If you’re cutting continued pants, you ability appetite to cycle up the cuffs, and cutting jumpsuits is not advised. After you aback into the stall, abolish any altar from your pockets afore you broad – additionally sunglasses perched on your arch or absorbed over your shirt front. If you forget, acceptable luck retrieving them.

The majority of accessible toilets in Turkey allegation a baby fee so it’s astute to backpack change. Best mosques accept toilets (some of them free), so you’ll never be bent short.


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