Amsterdam tourism campaign aims to deter "nuisance" British visitors with its "sex, drugs, and alcohol" theme.

Amsterdam has launched a tourism attack aimed at befitting “nuisance” tourists away.

The “discouragement campaign” wants to accumulate out visitors who appear to the burghal principally for drink, drugs and sex.

It is decidedly aimed at British tourists, who are advised some of the affliction behaved visitors to the Dutch city.

The announcement attack comes afterwards Amsterdam authorities alien a alternation of measures to barrier confusing behaviour.

Amsterdam wants ‘nuisance’ Brits to break away

Amsterdam is acquisitive its new tourism attack will change the city’s acceptability as a destination primarily for drugs, booze and prostitution.

City councillors are anxious that the red ablaze commune is alluring a barnyard and voyeuristic affectionate of tourism blackballed in the city.

Authorities will alpha a “discouragement campaign” abutting bounce targeting adopted visitors that appoint in abhorrent behaviour.

The aim of the discouragement attack is to accumulate out visitors that we do not want. If we adulation the city, we charge booty activity now, said Sofyan Mbarki, the city’s agent ambassador who is implementing the tourism measures.

“Action is bare to anticipate nuisance and overcrowding. Amsterdam is a apple burghal and bustle and activity appear forth with this but to accumulate our burghal liveable we charge to accept banned instead of capricious growth.”

Amsterdam’s red ablaze commune is acclaimed for its legalised brothels and window displays of sex workers.

But association say the breadth draws bagged tourists who actualize an afflictive and alarming atmosphere.

The city’s cannabis coffee shops additionally allure disorderly groups of hen and stag parties.

The “stay away” tourism attack will initially focus on British visitors, the Times reports. If successful, the announcement will additionally ambition travellers from added countries.

Amsterdam introduces new restrictions to barrier aweless day-tripper behaviour

The announcement attack comes afterwards the Dutch burghal appear a alternation of new measures to accouterment abhorrent company behaviour.

Deputy ambassador Mbarki alien restrictions including a ban on smoker cannabis in burghal centre streets.

The measures will additionally see a absolute on available parties and pub crawls and a bargain cardinal of river cruises.

There are additionally affairs for a new “erotic” centre on the outskirts of town. The board hopes to backpack about 100 brothel windows from the burghal centre to the multi-story structure.

The aim is to “clean up” the city’s acceptability and focus tourism on its celebrated barrio and adventurous canals instead.

Authorities accept a abiding plan to abate tourism numbers - beneath 10 actor brief stays a year - and absolute Airbnb rentals.


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